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Checkout the Sparkle Ridge Western Show Clothes Blog & Podcast! We share the latest fashion trends, chat about the hottest new styles in western pleasure horse shows.

Our blog is here to offer western horse show tips for girls who love to WIN & Sparkle. We talk about western show clothes with bling, how to put together an affordable outfit and overall look for show day including hair, makeup, mindset, everything!

We even get into practice and training tips for you and your horse. We chat about upcoming horse shows, local and national events, saddle clubs, product reviews and more!

On our blog we will be sharing gems about western pleasure and how to WIN & sparkle.  We’ll talk about new products & offers that we have going on our Facebook Page, we’ll show you on our Instagram Page what we’re working on behind the scenes, and you can pin us on Pintrest to see exactly what we are talking about.

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Tips for girls who love to WIN in sparkle!

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Sparkle Ridge * Blog * Podcast * Ep 003 * Tips for girls who love to WIN in Sparkle!

In the last episode, we talked about: How we’re making our dreams come true & how you can to.


Know what you want.  You have to have a dream.  It can be ANYTHING!  Consider the lifestyle that goes along with your dream.  What kind of life do you want to live? Be receptive to your inner desires, passions & callings LISTEN TO YOUR INNER-SELF.  I could feel “the horses calling” me back to my childhood passion. Now find yours!


My opportunity was stumbling across the famous Stacy Westfall bridleless ride video on youtube.  This video changed everything for me.  It changed the way I felt about showing horses and made me want to look for a special type of horse.  More on that in another Blog! I went to Stacy’s website & noticed that she was leading an Equestrian Career Conference  in November of 2017.  I wanted to go...badly.  I knew it needed to happen so I asked my husband Riley.  He agreed that would be a fun way to spend our anniversary weekend and we reserved our spot.  



This was a game changer for us.  We went with no horse, no plans, no nothing.  Just receptive to the feel of the pull...the horses and the industry were calling.  We had no idea what to expect, I just knew we had to go. And we did. Riley shut down his practice and we took off on a 15 hour road trip to Miracle Mountain Ranch in Pennsylvania to go meet Stacy Westfall!  

MEET EXPERTS in your field are of interest.

There we also met many other top industry professionals including a her husband and famous trainer Jesse Westfall, Veterinarian - Sonny Corley, a Ferrier/Rach Manager - Matt Smith, a College Professor/Breeder Jo-Anne Young, Business professional - Molly Wagner, a Judge and “Bella Run Equine” Rescue owner - Rachel Bendler.  We learned so much and had such a great time with amazing people!  

In the Western Performance Breakout Session we talked about:

Your Why - for me it was the horses & freedom of self-employment, doing what I love!

Our skills & what we have to offer - design & apparel production (more on this in the next Blog!)

What sets you apart from your competitors - here is where we had some more thinking to do.  

Once our passion and dreams (our WHY) were clear, we realized that my talents, skills and experience in making sparking sportswear would be key.  They helped us figure out that our direction would be more product than service-based and agreed that there was a hole in the industry for western show clothes.  This was just the encouragement we needed to feel confident in getting started.


We decided it would be best to start our own clothing brand.  The drive home was filled with ideas; What do we call it? How do we make it work in a “new to us” industry? The long drive was just what we needed to hash out so many details and lay the groundwork and planning for our fun new family business.  We will more about having a PLAN & SETTING GOALS in a future episode.

Moral of the story is:  Know what you want, be receptive (listen closely) to opportunity, get out there and meet the experts.  Talk to them, get their feedback and advice. Consider your WHY & what you have to offer, develop your skills & set yourself apart from the competition!  

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