Sparkle Ridge * Blog * Podcast * Tips for girls who love to WIN in Sparkle!
Sparkle Ridge

Blog * Podcast * TIPS for girls who love to WIN in Sparkle!

Checkout the Sparkle Ridge Western Show Clothes Blog & Podcast! We share the latest fashion trends, chat about the hottest new styles in western pleasure horse shows.

Our blog is here to offer western horse show tips for girls who love to WIN & Sparkle. We talk about western show clothes with bling, how to put together an affordable outfit and overall look for show day including hair, makeup, mindset, everything!

We even get into practice and training tips for you and your horse. We chat about upcoming horse shows, local and national events, saddle clubs, product reviews and more!

On our blog we will be sharing gems about western pleasure and how to WIN & sparkle.  We’ll talk about new products & offers that we have going on our Facebook Page, we’ll show you on our Instagram Page what we’re working on behind the scenes, and you can pin us on Pintrest to see exactly what we are talking about.

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Tips for girls who love to WIN in sparkle!

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Sparkle Ridge * Blog * Podcast * Ep 002 * Western Pleasure * Make your dreams come true!

A quick blog * podcast about how we are working on making our dreams come true & how you can too!

The story of how Sparkle Ridge came to fruition:  

After becoming an adult, settling down & having kids I felt myself being drawn back to a childhood PASSION...horses.  PASSION is part of the equation.  You have to find something about which you are passionate.  This is what drives you...I grew up on a farm & my love for horses was really driving me to do something.   

I began kicking around ideas on how I could get back into horses without burdening my family with this expensive hobby.  If you want something bad enough, you FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. I wanted to find a way to make money to support my hobby and at the same time offer something of value back to the equestrian industry.

I knew I’d have to rely on my talent, skills & experience in order to make this dream happen.  For years I’ve owned and operated an successful physique competition apparel company Perfect Fit Gear making sparking outfits for bodybuilding competitors.  My husband insists that I’m quite TALENTED in style, colors, coordination and design.  And I know many years of training & experience have helped me to develop lots of SKILLS in apparel production.  He also happens to be quite good at lots of other things that help keep our family business going strong.

After attending the 2017 Equestrian Career Conference at Miracle Mountain Ranch in Pennsylvania in November of 2017 where we met top industry professionals (Whom we will share in our next episode!) It made perfect sense for our path to include apparel and sparkles and horses, the things I’m good at & things I love.  Remember, everyone has a different path and your won’t look like ours.  You have to find your own way. Not everyone is an entrepreneur, everyone has different dreams, but one thing remains true:

If you want something in life, get after it, find a way to make it happen.  Be smart about it.

It’s hard to go wrong when you add PASSION + TALENT + SKILL.  This formula will help get you to your dreams, but not without getting out there and doing it...MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Shoot for the stars, grab ahold of your dreams and go for them with everything you have. Enjoy the ride. Be sure to listen to the Podcast on this topic below & FOLLOW OUR FEED for more inspiring posts about winning in life and in the arena!

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