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Checkout the Sparkle Ridge Western Show Clothes Blog & Podcast! We share the latest fashion trends, chat about the hottest new styles in western pleasure horse shows.

Our blog is here to offer western horse show tips for girls who love to WIN & Sparkle. We talk about western show clothes with bling, how to put together an affordable outfit and overall look for show day including hair, makeup, mindset, everything!

We even get into practice and training tips for you and your horse. We chat about upcoming horse shows, local and national events, saddle clubs, product reviews and more!

On our blog we will be sharing gems about western pleasure and how to WIN & sparkle.  We’ll talk about new products & offers that we have going on our Facebook Page, we’ll show you on our Instagram Page what we’re working on behind the scenes, and you can pin us on Pintrest to see exactly what we are talking about.

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Tips for girls who love to WIN in sparkle!

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Sparkle Ridge * Blog * Podcast * Ep 004 * Tips for girls who love to WIN in Sparkle!

A quick Blog * Podcast about becoming a super-clothier

In this episode we will talk about:  Anita’s Experience in Apparel Design and Production.  After a couple years studying at Southwest Minnesota State University she needed a change.  What was she going to do with her life?


Apparel Design at UW-STOUT.  “It seemed easy” … it was not easy.  Anita worked and studied full-time for 5 years and got her Bachelor’s Degree in ‘05 from UW STOUT in apparel design and development.  Her experience at stout was mostly corporate-based teaching.  She had corporate interviews at a number of companies including abercrombie, target, etc. but really had no desire to work for a big company.  Her entrepreneurial spirit wanted her to travel & own her own company.


She had an incredible 3-month apparel internship in Florence, Italy after graduation where she did hand sketching menswear designs.  Upon her return it was back to work. Her education and internship experience lended her to work in the apparel industry where she was fortunate enough to have worked at multiple Minnesota-based apparel production companies.


WSI - athlete-based, active performance sportswear, baseball, hockey, football

-also hands-on production cutting, sewing, marketing, expos, cutting, wear a lot of hats

The Lineup - Custom Dance Costumes

-assistant to production operations manager, quality control,

-cheerleading, rhinestone, dance, figure skating

Whether it was the 9-5, Freelancing or putting together a fashion show...


She worked many different jobs, some directly pertinent, some not.  Either way, Anita soon found herself managing a fitness club. Through her networking she realized there was a need in a niche industry making sparkling suits for fitness competitors and the industry was in need of her help.  


Her background and experience in apparel design and production gave her confidence to start her own successful fitness apparel business.  Her company went from making a few suits to over 600 custom bikinis and figure suits in a year and has been going strong for over a decade.


As she reflects on her career up to this point it starts to become clear.  It has to be her, she is the only one who can do this, She has been perfectly prepared and groomed for HER role in THIS company.  For her entire adult working career she has been getting ready for Sparkle Ridge. No one else has had the same background, knowlege, experience, skill sets, tools & connections like she does!

The dreams keep getting bigger and bigger.

“It didn’t happen overnight”.  Don’t give up, keep working on your dreams both inside & out of the ring.  

We want you to have fun, be part of our journey & create your own.

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-Anita Sowle

P.O. Box 18

Dayton, MN 55327



Phone:  (612) 615-9845

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