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This is our family business we have quite the story to tell


Our Story:

We are Sparkle Ridge; a family business.

Every family (& business & horse) has a’s ours:  

I am an authentic farm kid with a passion for riding & showing horses.

I became a designer, got married, had kids & got a horse.


Meet Nashville

Nash is a rescue horse.  

He came to MHARF in rough shape.

They were able to save him and get him back to health.

Our family fell in love and and adopted him.

We continue to write our story

Our Blog & Podcast


We are Sparkle Ridge; a family business spun-off from Perfect Fit Gear where I've been co-owner making custom suits that sparkle for physique competitors since 2009. 

I went to school, studied apparel design then developed and refined my skills working in the sports-apparel industry for a few years until I started my own business making custom show clothes for physique competitors.

I am an authentic farm kid with a passion for riding & showing horses who became a talented & experienced show apparel designer. As an adult, I always wanted to get back into horses.  I decided to get involved in the equestrian industry and my apply knowledge, skills, abilities and experience in apparel to my childhood passion.  My husband and I created a new family business making ready-to-wear and custom western show clothes.  We got a horse!

Industry experience and modern technology have helped us streamline our design & production processes allowing us to produce lots of stunning Western Show Clothes at a great price!

We do Custom: fit, design, color &/or embellishment.

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