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We have pro cut bodybuilding trunks and flex cut bodybuilding posing trunks.  Our Men’s bodybuilding posing suits and bodybuilding competition suits show your glutes on stage.  Our affordable posing suits and briefs highlight your physique during your bodybuilding show whether you are looking for NPC posing trunks, custom posing trunks, or cheap practice posing suit for sale online at discount prices. Whether you are a novice ameteur or elite Natural or IFBB Pro bodybuilder, we have you covered. Bodybuilding * Custom Posing Trunks * NPC Bodybuilding Trunks * Custom Bodybuilding Competition Suits * NPC Posing Suits

Men's Bodybuilding Posing Trunks - 3 Pack

Men's Bodybuilding Posing Trunks - 3 Pack


3 pack - Men’s Bodybuilding Trunks

black (for pre-judging) & your choice of 2 additional colors for under $40 each!

Our NPC Posing trunks look great on stage. Choose your next set of bodybuilding briefs here.


  • XS 160 lbs. & under

  • S 160 - 175 lbs.

  • M 175 - 190 lbs.

  • L 190 - 205 lbs.

  • XL 205 +

We have MANY colors to choose from, most can be ready in 2 weeks or less. We will contact you to learn which colors you’d like us to make & get any details about your preference of fit/cut/coverage.

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