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How much for a custom outfit?

We can work with any budget $100-1000

Final price depends on:

number & style of garments 

size of garment (amount of fabric) 

design time (complexity of design)

amount of embellishment  

your budget determines your bling

Can you make XYZ?

if it’s any form of apparel….most likely YES!

our custom garments are custom-fit (if you properly take & submit your measurements) Video link

for sublimation print (our specialty)...we can create & print pretty much any design imaginable.

sequins tops are dependent on fabric availability

we have a WIDE variety of sizes and colors of rhinestones & can lay them in any design over your garment(s)

How long will it take to make my garment?

Time to produce a garment can vary greatly, from a just a few days - several weeks depending on a number of factors including:

how early we receive your order

when is your show date

total # of orders that we have in Que

fabric & other supply availability

it also DEPENDS ON how long it takes for…

YOU to settle on a design/color scheme

YOU to submit their measurements

US to create the design (more complex takes more time)

US to produce, cut & sew the garment(s)

US to embellish the garment (more stones takes more time)

shipping time can vary depending on your location

The earlier we hear from you & get a downpayment the better

it saves you a place on our limited production schedule 

ensures that you’ll get your garment by your show date*

priority is based both on a limited # of orders that we can process each week.

*some orders may not be possible due to having complex of an order on very tight turnaround time during a busy period where we have lots of other orders to fill.