Sparkle Ridge



Sparkle Ridge wants every performer to have the opportunity to create a look that will allow them to stand out in the crowd. Just as you train yourself and the horse you should also take the time to coordinate a look that suits you as a team. 

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Color Wheel Knowledge 

So you have chosen your main color.... what now?What should you look for as you search for the right look for your event? Did you know that with Sparkle Ridge's designs we choose to work with today's technology. Creating a modern look to a iconic industry. The evolution of the western industry can be seen in many different avenues of careers. Utilizing modern techniques and inventions. Well the Sparkle Ridge designers want to do just that in the show clothing industry. They 

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Horse Color Knowledge

Why does a vibrant ruby red paired with a dark bay stand out in a crowd. How can you find an ensemble that will enhance your horses coat color? We will take a look at the different coats and why they pair well with different colors and shades.   

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Putting it all together on show day.

So you have studied. You have polled your facebook friends (which were no help BTW). You have finally decided to take some of your trainers advice and pair it with what works with who you are as a rider. What is the best way to find what you are looking for? Shop for it. Do your homework, take some time to research. Because once you start learning about all of the possibilities you will be able to sharpen your appearance with properly coordinated pieces.