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Perfect Fit Gear - Physique Competition Stage Suits

Sparkle Ridge - Western Show Clothes

     Creating garments for niche markets has become a passion of mine.  There are so many avenues in the apparel industry, I never expected to end up in rhinestones, but I did and it's allowing me to reach new creative levels I never expected to tap into (but that's for another article).  I focus on niche markets because it's an opportunity to apply what I'm good at (Apparel design & production) to the things I love (fitness & horses). 

     I always wanted to be an independent designer.  The moment I found out there was a "hole" in the local bodybuilding industry for suit-makers, I leaped at the opportunity.  I have a passion for fitness and knowledge in apparel with opportunity awaiting; it was an easy decision.  It also ended up being a good business decision because it was such a specific market with such a specific need.   All it took was just the right type of person with just the right type of training to fill that void. I was that person, I am that person.  My best friend and business partner has been a huge part of the success of our company Perfect Fit Gear.  We put our skills to the test and put out a quality product of value, managed time, production, expenses, re-invested into the company and have grown our business from nothing to being a fully functioning and supporting career for us both.  All this in a relatively short amount of time all things considered.  

     The fitness industry has become my niche, my lifestyle and my extended family.  I found like-mined individuals that I could provide a service to because of what I gained from my time spent in school, and my post-college experience in the local apparel industry.  In college I learned sewing, patterning, cutting & was provided opportunities to refine different skills needed in the apparel industry.  My post-college positions were with independent family-owned companies.  I spent most of my time in production giving me all the knowledge and hands-on skills that I later needed when I started my first niche company.  I still had a ton of learning and growing to do, but I got to have a taste of being my own boss and managing my own clientele.  It perfectly prepared me to be the right person for the job & my future.  I also found my husband!  He is teaming up with me for our next creative adventure...Sparkle Ridge.  

     Now, as my lifestyle becomes more defined by my interests, I have decided to take all of the skills I've developed in the past and incorporate another passion of mine, horses, and start a spin-off "Sister Company" because I want to be part of an industry that gave me so much as a child.  The people in the equestrian industry are the type of people that I want as extended family just as I have found in the bodybuilding industry.  I want my husband and children to be exposed to the love and relationships that horses can bring.  I want these things not so my children can re-live my childhood, but instead I want my family to live through and be involved in my passions today.  The two companies will work with each other, adapt and grow together creating an even stronger foundation.  

     Every position that I've held in the past has given me the confidence to test my skills as a small-business owner.  It's knowing when to call on those skills when needed that has provided me the momentum necessary to continue to push forward.  I've had to adapt...and continue pushing forward.  Its been fun creating a career and a lifestyle that is truly unique.  In business, if specific opportunity exists:  passions + knowledge + skills + experience + doing + adapting + doing = profits.  Money aside, the real reward is in the journey, the doing, the relationships you form and in the lifestyle you create.

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